HJR Reefscaping


Groupers in Puerto Rico and USVI
Improving the quality and quantity of fishery independent information on grouper spawning aggregations

Assessing Tarpon Population
Tarpon population and habitat parameter assessment at the Boquerón Wildlife Refuge

Escambrón Underwater Trail
Taíno Reefs used to design an underwater coral reef trail


Condado Underwater Trail
Condado Lagoon coral reef restoration by designing a Taíno Reef underwater trail

Coral Reef Restoration
Developing methodologies for culture and propagation of coral species

Isla de Ratones Restoration Efforts
Restoration of coastal habitats on Isla Ratones


Coral Restoration Techniques
With the use of artificial reef structures we provide an alternative to a previously loss of essential habitat.

Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring
Sea turtle nesting is documented on various beaches of Puerto Rico to monitor nesting activities of endangered species

Gorgonian Coral Reef Study
Mass mortality of gorgonian corals monitored

Manatee Buoy Installment
Protecting coastal manatee frequented areas by installment of buoys

Biological Monitoring Program Plan
Monitoring for impact on coastal environments

Guardianes de María Langa
Ongoing project to help restore, manage, and protect the island of María Langa

Elkhorn Coral Reef Study
Elkhorn coral distribution and condition

Coral reef restoration project with USFWS
Coral nurseries are used for growing in situ coral colonies.

Marine Protected Areas conservation project at Mona Island, PR
Educational Resources about Mona Island

Puerto Rican Crested Frog "Guajonales"
Specialized structures to increase frog population

Reef Emergency Response Team
Recruiting, and training a network of volunteers to respond during a coral reef emergency.

Coral Nurseries
Coral reef restoration using in-situ nursery techniques known as “Floating Underwater Coral Array”

Puerto Rico Coral Reef Emergency Response Post- Hurricanes Irma & María
Restoration of coral reefs impacted by two hurricanes in September 2017 and subsequent historic swells in February 2018

Macroalgal Bloom in Seagrass Habitats
An integrated monitoring of coastal ecosystems to determine the condition of seagrass habitats in south Puerto Rico.

Global Status and Conservation Potential of Reef Sharks
Research project to know the condition of shark populations that inhabit coral reef habitats.