HJR Reefscaping


HJR Reefscaping tool set

Our team is highly trained and experienced in a wide range of environmental disciplines and provides the following services:



Carry out the necessary monitoring, reports and surveys needed to obtain environmental permits, for projects in marine and coastal environments.

Coral Reef Restoration

We use coral nursery colonies to restore reefs damaged by natural or anthropogenic causes (ex. groundings, diseases, natural disasters).

Coral Mariculture

Management and monitoring of in-situ coral nurseries established since 2010.


Design and Construction of Semi-artificial Reefs

We design, build and install artificial coral reefs, using art and science to help restore and conserve our natural marine environments. Seeding of new corals and monitoring progress of coral growth and habitat enhancement.

Underwater Video and Photography

Our team has experience providing footage for local television productions; high resolution underwater photography and video are available for educational entities and as a source for monitoring underwater projects.

Fish and Benthic Surveys

We use our extensive knowledge in coral, algal, marine and coastal vertebrate & invertebrate taxonomy to carry out monitoring and surveys of marine species.


Marine Education and Outreach

Production and publication of educational materials such as presentations, videos, images, demonstrations, talks, workshops, classes, reading material, among much more, for schools, community organizations and private institutions. You can find one of our publications at: http://www.bajolasolaspr.com.

Habitat Enhancement

Through monitoring and surveys we design a custom plan that tackles specific problems of the selected area and achieves the best results possible. We use humane approved pest control techniques in order to protect the native flora and fauna.

Aerial HD Photo and Video

We provide custom flights to acquire high definition video and photos captures as needed.